In spirit of Halloween, I am going to flip the script (no pun intended) and discuss the raging trend behind a very over-represented genre (and one of my personal favorites): the zombie apocalypse subgenre.


So why are zombie films and TV shows so dang popular? Well, one could say that they are entertaining, thrilling or frightening, but there’s much more to their existence beyond how they entertain/fascinate us.


As I have discussed in other posts, film is an invaluable tool that contains many profound meanings; oftentimes, these meanings stem from a direct critique on society and the issues within our society. Albeit over-represented and cliche, zombie films are no exception and tell us a lot about our feelings towards our current society.  Keeping certain societal issues in mind such as: global fear of a pandemic, terrorism, climate change, and even crumbling infrastructures in various other countries, it is no surprise that we entertain the idea of a new post-apocalyptic world that contains no government or authority and a riddance of old societal rules and structures.


In short, so much is happening in our world around us that is creating a negative outlook of our society, which leaves many people fantasizing about a new beginning. The zombie genre demonstrates how even the most over-represented forms of cinema can tell us a lot about the world around us… Next time you find yourself amused with the notion of zombies and a post-apocalyptic world, ask yourself why. You might be surprised to realize how  popular trends of cinema, like the zombie subgenre, aren’t just for entertainment. Through cultural reflection, this particular trend gives us a profound inside-look into our own societal concerns, fears, and perhaps, our hopelessness for humanity.


…Now that’s deep.


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