Hello! My name is Chelsea Nanawa and I am a cinephile, videographer, video editor and all around film buff based out of Albuquerque, NM.  I spend a lot of my time watching films (mostly), but when I am not watching films, I am thinking about films and having arguments in my head about which films I find beneficial to the cinematic arts community and which ones are simply just there to be there. I also critically think about how video-making in general can be used in innovative ways – ways that could greatly change the world for the better.

Some of you might be wondering – “A film is a film, why make such a big deal?”

Well my dear readers, thinking this critically about cinema is a HUGE deal. Let me tell you why.

Some of you may have heard the phrase “The art of cinema is dead” or “the movies are dead”. Well, my job is to argue the opposite. The field of moving image art is a practice that is well and alive, but it is widely overlooked and drastically overtaken by Hollywood, dare I say it, mush. I will discuss events, films, organizations or anything notable, valuable and under-represented in the cinematic world to prove my firm belief that cinema is indeed, not dead. In fact, cinema is still growing and ever changing . Quite possibly, with all of our technology at hand, we are in a new re-birth of cinema in our digital age. I believe that cinema always has been in the “birthing” process and as long as creative film-minds continue to prosper, the birth of cinema will still proceed along a never ending continuum of awesomeness.

I hope to inform my readers of the world of endless cinematic possibilities beyond the screens of Cineplexes. I will cover many genres of film from experimental to narrative pieces that are prime examples of cinematic works of art. Instead of reviewing films, I will point out the delicacies, the innovations (I’m not talking CGI), and the artistic use of the camera-as-paintbrush , among other observations. I wish to spread hope in others that have fallen under the guise that cinema is dead. Cinema is alive, it is immortal and it is amazing – you just have to look far enough.